Ubud, Bali

APR 20 - 28, 2019

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Explore, Restore, and Transform 


A Holistic Experience in Bali | 9 Days | April 20 - 28, 2019

A new handshake with life - this holistic and digital detox retreat is a valuable reset for you to realign your life, find solutions to difficulties, and discover your full joy and freedom to become the highest version of you. Restore your happiness and well-being for nine luxurious days in exotic Bali. Relax, create space, and be one with life. Filled with daily yoga, transformational workshops, organic food, balinese massages, and authentic cultural adventures, this is one life-changing experience you do not want to miss. 



This invigorating program has everything to cleanse, replenish, and transform you inside and out. At its core, managing the relationship with ourselves, nature, and technology. The outcome is a one-of-a-kind holistic retreat that creates presence, balance, freedom, and love for yourself and the world around you. 


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Personal Growth

Make meaningful breakthroughs as you explore the colors, depths, and secrets of your inner and outer world through a series of workshops, tours, and activities that seamlessly blend science, education, mindfulness, and spirituality. 


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Restoration & Wellness

Your capacity for self-love and self-care is proportional to what you can give others. Take this chance to step back and nurture yourself. Detach from the chaos of modern life. Relax, meditate, heal, and become whole and empowered. 

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When was the last time you felt truly alive? A full sensory and life-affirming experience, these surprise activities maximize your awareness and enjoyment of the present moment - true being, connected with yourself, without musts or shoulds, obligations, or demands.

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Spiritual Experience

Nourish your mind, body, and soul with ancient Balinese traditions inspired by the five universal elements: fire, water, earth, air, and space. Become more grounded, heal past pain, let go of baggages, and come out a better person. 



Organic Nutrition

A complete experience of your inner and outer world would be incomplete without holistic nourishment. Organic and locally sourced, the healthy food served to you is prepared with your strength, restoration, and happiness in mind.

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Cultural Immersion

Raw, sincere, and eye-opening, journey into an authentic expression of Balinese culture. Participate in local life including family, community, food, worship, art, tradition, rural work, and more. This is 100% immersion, far from the usual tourist show!



Intimate, enigmatic, and exceedingly tranquil, Gunung-An translates to “Mountain of Peace.” It is an oasis of calm and is suffused with elements that support self-love, wellness, and mindfulness. Further, this boutique accommodation in Ubud enchants with an upmarket ambience along with a private, quiet homely atmosphere. It is nothing short of magical.



The Program


Calm your mind, energize your body, and nourish your spirit through Pangea’s three-pillar system: Human Connection, Nature Immersion, and Technology Moderation. Most of the retreat happens completely off the grid, giving you all the time to explore yourself, realign your priorities, and sort through any mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual blockages.



Human Connection

Let’s celebrate our shared humanity. We are all different, yet the same. Strange, yet familiar. Separate, yet one. By fully embracing and accepting others in the same way we accept ourselves we will create a world where everyone can find home to themselves. A world, where we are greater together than the sum of our parts.


Nature Immersion

Where do we stop, and nature begins? We are part of this world, after all. We may know this to be true, but do we feel it, too? By immersing ourselves in the natural world we will experience a feeling of wholeness and belonging unmatched by the concrete jungles of our time. A feeling of being home.


Technology Moderation

Our technology we create is testament to the ingenuity and curiosity we possess. We create anything we set our mind to and transform the world in the process. We need to be aware of our actions - technology can set us free, but only if we are ready. Let us make sure that we are.  



Your Adventure Awaits...

Save $400 with Early Bird Pricing

Deal ends February 15




Pangea's guides have been hand-selected from every corner of the globe. Stimulating perspectives from scientists, spiritual teachers, founders, and philosophers will help you reconnect and rebalance what really matters to you. 



Chris Thompson

Coming from the corporate world, Chris left his executive position at Electronic Arts and changed careers to become a pioneer in education becoming the former director at the world renowned Green School, Bali and HUBUD Coworking Space. A walking almanac of educational science, psychological insights and personal empathy, Chris has been described as someone who “can change your life in two hours”. 


Victoria Baumann

Victoria is a leadership coach and advocate on a mission to redefine leadership and success for this new era. She works with conscious entrepreneurs, creatives, activists, spiritual teachers, and influencers to reach new depths of leadership in themselves, and tighten-up the contribution their work is making. She leads global breathwork workshops as co-founder of The O2 Awakening and is an Associate Facilitator at the Coady International Institute.


I Putu Wiraguna

As Co-founder of Five Pillar Foundation, Wira has developed an integrated assets-based approach to community development and actively involves himself in understanding the needs and challenges of local rural communities. He is currently involved in working with rural communities to create community-based tourism experiences that raise awareness of the importance that rural communities play in protecting nature and culture here in Bali.



Mangku Kandia

Kandia as people called him,  was born in Mas Village of Ubud District  which is one of Word Class Tourist Destination that Bali Island has.  After he found his passion for guiding tourists,  he became an English speaking guide in 1984 when he was studying in Ubud Senior High School.  Kandia is also wood carver, Balinese dancer, Temple Priest .and Hindu Scholar. He is currently taking his Ph.D. for Hindu Theology and Balinese Culture Studies.


Your Pangea Team

The people behind the name, always at work to create unique and unforgettable programs with tireless passion, dedication and love.



Jared Stephens

A friend of people, animals, and robots - Jared is a firm believer in a better future for our Earth. Having worked in over 9 different industries and in a slew of roles, he spends the majority of his time leading Pangea and building a sustainable retreat center in Maui.


Micah Fajardo

Wanderer. Yoga teacher. Digital content creator. Emotional archaeologist. Micah lives wide, eats well, and contemplates possibilities.


Markus Schindler

Markus is a hybrid; an interesting product of the seamless interlacing of science, philosophy, and spirituality. He enjoys passionate work, sincere conversation and appreciation of what is.

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Cinthia Sumitra

Cinthia has been passionately coordinating diverse hospitality events for over ten years, including private business and corporate meetings, yoga and conscious food festivals, women's gatherings and handmade fairs.  She endows soul-shifting experiences through her vast tea knowledge and ceremonies, and sows the wisdom of traditional Ayurvedic and western herbs. 

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James Hubler

As a nature enthusiast, mountain dweller, and resourceful artist, James is the creative director for Pangea. James moves through life focused on inspiring creative growth, introspection and fulfilling the present moment.


A Day in Paradise

Every day of this luxurious retreat is different and modeled after the circadian rhythm, hard-coded into our genes. Each practice is simple, individual, and life-changing, designed to create presence and stillness to detoxify our overloaded systems. To complement these experiences, we’ve chosen the most sought-after and adventurous excursions that take you to the most stunning and authentic destinations in Bali.



Meditation & Yoga


Excursion & Workshop


Massage & Sauna


Bonfire & Music





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I truly admire the passion and conviction of the people i’ve met and their views about life and the world. You don’t have to wait for the breaking point to be one with yourself. You don’t need to be at cross roads to give yourself this chance. You don’t have to be drowning in life to give yourself time. Life doesn’t have to be hard, all you have to do is learn to live - and i hope that everyone who comes across this activity will find it in their hearts to live well, because in the end, it is all good. Kudos to you guys!
— Pia Fajardo
I came to bali by following my guts as I felt disconnected and uninspired staying in my hometown. I’m glad I came. Bali has provided me with so many valuable eye opening learning experiences.
— Claudia Rahmania Yusron
I learned a lot about self-love, freedom, and responsibilities which helped me put things into perspective and take actions based on my personality, values, and the life that I want to live.
— Kezia Euodia


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Frequently Asked Questions



+ What should I bring?

  • Wristwatch with an alarm feature
  • Comfortable clothes plus swimwear and sportswear for yoga and hiking
  • Walking shoes and hiking shoes
  • Standard toiletries
  • A curious mind
  • Yourself, the way you are effortlessly

+ What not to bring?

  • Laptop and other electronic gadgets
  • Formal clothing
  • Rigid expectations

+ What's included in the retreat?

  • 8 nights of cozy accommodation
  • Full digital detox
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 3 delicious vegan and gluten-free meals per day
  • 4 life-affirming cultural excursions
  • 3 spiritual experiences
  • 2 growth workshops
  • 1 relaxing spa massage
  • 1 celebratory dinner
  • Free airport pick-up on April 19 and 20

+ What's not included?

  • Flights
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

+ How is the weather?

Summer! Temperature ranges from 22°C (72°F) to 32°C (90°F).

+ Do I need a travel visa?

Bali is visa-free for 30 days for 169 countries. This is the official immigration website of Indonesia.

+ What airport do I fly into?

Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Denpasar, Bali. There is free airport pick-up on April 19 and 20.

+ What is the best arrival and departure time?

You can choose to arrive early on April 20 to give the body time to recover from your long flight. If you decide to arrive pre-retreat, we can help in booking your accommodation at Gunung-an. We also recommend staying in Bali a few days after the retreat to do your personal activities like shopping and exploring other places on your own. During the retreat, the focus will be on the program and the goal is to minimize distractions.

+ I have more questions, who can I talk to?

For general inquiries: For program inquiries:



Save $400 with Early Bird Pricing until Feb 15