Why You Need to Take Time Off Now

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Attention, workaholics: When was the last time you took a meaningful vacation? Spending all of your time at work may do you more harm than good!

It sounds counterintuitive but discovering new places, engaging in fun non-work activities, and spending quality time with yourself and your loved ones can boost your career significantly. For real. Below is the lowdown on why you seriously need to take time off right now.



1. Goodbye, stress!

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The more stressful your career is, the more breaks you should take. Physiologically, the brain makes it progressively harder for you to switch off as it adapts to being constantly over loaded. Eventually, even if you want to drop everything and not think, you can't!

So relax, take your mind off work, and remind yourself that there is more to your life than your job.


2. Break the monotony.

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Breaking your routine has tremendous benefits: busts boredom, lowers the risk of burnout and depression, allows you to recuperate, improves physical health, increases mental performance, and cultivates a sense of well-being. How can anyone say no?


3. Increase work productivity.

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Results from an Ernst & Young survey showed that people who took more vacation time consistently posted better performance assessments at the end of the year. No surprise!

Your mind can only take on so much and brain flooding eventually blocks productivity. When you take time off, suddenly there is space for neurons to relax, strengthen connections, and stimulate new mental activity. Fresh and motivated, you will fly through work when you get back!


4. Get inspired.

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Routine, demands, and pressure hardly make excellent ingredients for new ideas, problem-solving techniques, and creativity. A quick change does wonders though! A holiday sparks a different energy and perspective that imbue the mind with inspiration. When you relax, you are more creative and receptive - the best place for top-dollar ideas to blossom!


5. Grow stronger relationships.

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Really, it is highly doubtful that at the end of life, anyone will recall the time they spent at the office. Life is about the relationships you have and the loving experiences that you shared. While a good salary is always nice, connecting with your loved ones is the best ever. It can be your wife, kids, your parents and family, significant other, friends – there is no better reason than them to take time off now. 


Explore, Restore, & Transform

You do not lose anything when you take a break. In fact, you gain so much! Shake your life a bit and take that much needed time off. Looking for ideas for your big switch off? Our next holistic yoga retreat with digital detox is the ultimate meaningful holiday. Applications are open for a limited time here.

Micah Fajardo