Learn This Skill to Enjoy More Time in Your Busy Day


A normal life is a busy life. Between an exhausting job, obligations at home, aspirations of eating healthier, exercising, and walking the dog, there is hardly a moment to spare. And on the small miracle that there is free time, you are quick to fill it with your favorite Netflix series. No wonder it is too easy to feel suffocated, stuck, and overwhelmed. There is just no room to maneuver anymore. You are just rushing from one thing to the next, and even if you truly enjoy all the things you do every day, you begin to wonder: Where am I in all this?

Don't worry too much though. You are not lost or doing life wrong. You just need some space - to clear your head, breathe, and manage your daily life better. Creating space is a skill that can be learned, and once you do, life will improve tenfold. Keen to try? Here, we have compiled some simple methods that can help to create space and help you master it in your busy and active life.



1. Practice digital minimalism.


Today, distractions are everywhere, especially because our digital gadgets put an entire world of fun, interesting and engaging activities at our fingertips 24/7. The online world is filled with potential for growth, yes, but also increasingly designed to capture your attention as effectively and thoroughly as possible, whether you like it or not.

So there is no shame in drawing a line. Be consequential with your exposure to the digital world. Set clearly defined goals and reasons for engaging with it and be honest with yourself when you stray away from them. It will be difficult to begin, but you will be amazed at how much more spatious your day will feel when you act consciously in your digital life.

Digital detox, anyone?


2. Prioritize.


Some things are more important than others. Perhaps there are even a few that are not important at all, but you still find yourself dragged into them? The only way out of this is to get real about what you want. What truly is your priority? You have the right to decide - but if you don't, others will decide for you; might as well take control.


3. Be more present.

P1033754 2.JPG

The mind is tricky. It likes to busy itself with all kinds of thinking; it likes to overstate its importance. If you are present, and consciously decide what you spend your mental resources on, you will spend a lot less time wandering aimlessly, and a lot more time truly getting things done - or simply enjoying the space that you have.

A great way to cultivate a present state of mind is meditation, but a stoic attitude can already go a long way: You focus on what is in your power, and forget about everything else.


4. Create dedicated environments.


If you work, sleep, exercise and relax in the same room, your mind and body will think they are all the same activity. It will be increasingly difficult to switch between the four and you just end up feeling confused, blocked, or consistently busy inside the head all the time.

Having dedicated spaces for different things, on the other hand, will help you find the right mindset. Your body will react and adapt by simply entering the dedicated environment, and you will waste a lot less time trying to get into new things - and be left with a lot more space at your disposal.


5. Join a quality retreat.


Sometimes, it can seem like there is no room to maneuver whatsoever. If that is the case for you, then maybe it is time to completely break the cycle and make absolutely sure that you will get the breathing room you need.

Go on a journey that takes you out of the daily hassle, and into a new world of perspectives and possibilities. Free from nagging obligations, you will finally have the space to discover and create the changes that you want in your life.

Explore, Restore, & Transform

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Micah Fajardo