Inconvenient Truths You Need to Hear Right Now


Improving our lives is not always the simplest or easiest project to undertake. Growth comes with a lot of awareness, and that means investing plenty in honesty.

Problem is that some truths are hard to swallow. Most of us just choose to ignore them rather than make an effort to find solutions. But turning a blind-eye on anything will never make it go away. The only sustainable path forward is to be honest, realistic, and open to what is

Ready to give it a try? Below are some common inconvenient truths and how facing them dramatically improves your life.



1. You will never get a time-off

'Someday' does not exist so stop lying to yourself. Saying, "I will visit you someday", "Someday, we will go to Bali", and "I will figure everything out someday" means absolutely nothing. Your stream of responsibilities is endless and relentless - your work, family, social life, and community will never ever stop asking things from you. You will never have a break.

Well, not unless you make it a priority, and sincerely see why you need to take time off. This means scheduling things that you want to do instead of saying "someday", "when I have the time", or "at some point". The truth is there is never any time for anything. You make the time for it.


2. Some crowds are just not yours

Admit it: you have wondered why you are not cool enough, not smart enough, or not talented enough to be accepted in one group. Despite your best attempts, all you seem to receive is rejection. And you keep asking yourself "What is wrong with me?" The simple answer is...

There is nothing wrong with you.

Simply put, you are not meant to fit in every group. Some crowds will never be a match while others prove to be perfect. This highlights the importance of finding your community – this one group of people that sees and accepts you for who you are.

Trying different crowds may help in your quest but the main point is to be honest and to not settle for anything less than what makes you happy. Show your true self and intentions and if it is not met with genuine acceptance, then it is better to move on and not waste your time trying to fit in with a group that is a mismatch for you.


3. People who are always nice are not being completely honest with you.

Never trust people who say everything is great all the time. They are not telling you everything. There are several reasons why their default answer is "Great!" and "We are doing a great job!" These include:

a. They do not want to upset you with the truth.

b. They do not want to discourage you.

c. They see what is wrong but have no idea how to improve it.

d. They see what is wrong but are not interested in making it better.

All of these are not constructive. Things only improve when you become aware of what needs to improve. What is the point of people around you who do not help you see in a clear, honest, and realistic manner? 


4. Your job is just a job.


While you might think it is the most important thing in your life, it is not. Your job is just like any other job – a source of income, and if you are lucky, meaning. Do not make the mistake of making it your be-all-and-end-all. Be aware of your real valuables, like your family and your body, mind, and spirit. These last longer and have far deeper impact than any job you will ever have.


5. Nobody will solve your problems for you.

It is certainly convenient but it rarely produces lasting solutions. Take it in the simple equation of relationships: you feel alone and lonely so you get together with the next person to make you happy. But is it really the responsibility of another person to do this for you? And if this person fails in doing that, what happens to your relationship then? How does love even fit in to this story?

Bottom line is, self-empowerment is critical in solving your problems. This will lead to true resolution and development of personal growth and strength.


6. Life goes on without your opinion.

With or without your input, your life will go by, every hour, every day. Might as well take control and have a say regarding the direction it takes. Choice is yours.


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Micah Fajardo