7 Ways to Improve Your Life in 1 Week


It is true you can’t change your life overnight but every day you can do one thing to steer it in a new and much better direction. Over time, these small things add up, and before you know it, your life has improved drastically.

It is all about picking up fast and simple habits that when done continuously and consciously will make you happier, healthier, and more productive. Challenge yourself this week and adopt the schedule below. These are some of the easiest but most powerful ways to improve your life in just seven days.


1. (Monday) Learn something new.


Make the time you spend on the internet ultra productive by learning something new instead of just scrolling mindlessly on social media. There are tons of free and high quality materials online: learn how to raise an herb garden, cook your first vegetarian meal, or indulge your inner nerd by brushing up on philosophy and history.

It can be anything that you are interested in really. The time you spend learning doesn't have to be long, too. Just whatever free time you have. If you are interested on the subject, your attention span tends to lengthen anyway.



2. (Tuesday) Exercise


Before you say you don't have time for it, know that certain routines can be executed in five minutes and be effective. Everyone has five minutes - your microwavable dinner even takes longer to finish! So while your macaroni and cheese bubbles up, sneak in a quick plank exercise, a nice yoga break, or practice a really cool kickboxing combo. There will be more space for your macaroni and cheese after!


3. (Wednesday) Get a boost from your loved ones


Mid-week can be tough. If you are having a particularly hard week, there is nothing like a quick boost of support and confidence from people that you love. Call your Mum and Dad, write a message to your best friend, or go on a date night and surprise your SO.

This works out well for everyone. You are reminded of the good things in life despite your work desk overflowing with tasks and your loved ones will appreciate hearing from you or spending time with you.

If you only feel like indirect human contact, even complaining about something on an internet forum can do the trick – just do a small thing that puts a bit of you out there!



4. (Thursday) De-stress


It is not the weekend yet but the weekdays have gone far enough. You are still in this tight in-between that, depending on circumstances, may be a mix of anxiety, exhaustion, and excitement for the last day of the working week.

What can you do to improve your situation?

Well, lighten up, of course!

You are nearly there. The weekend is coming. For now, find some time to relax and take it easy. You got this anyway! Go to a local meet-up of something, meditate, or simply listen to calming music. Do whatever it takes to relax and find space for the last push before the weekend.



5. (Friday) Give back


Most people do something for themselves on a Friday afternoon or evening, which may or may not include alcohol, but why not change it up a little and do something nice for others instead?

Stop by an animal shelter and shower a puppy or two, spare an hour and serve some soup at the community center, or simply buy your sister a doughnut to cheer her up after a long week. Giving back does not always have to be this grand gesture. It can be present in the small, simple, and quick things that you do that also create a positive impact.

6. (Saturday) Play!


Now is the time to enjoy! It seems obvious but some people forget this need. The weekend is filled with chores that have been neglected throughout the week, or worse, with more work that spilled into the weekend. Show yourself some kindness and relax! If you have to schedule time for play, do it!

A balanced life is about being productive but also enjoying moments. Lightly, lightly! Take your dog to the park, play with your cat, eat your favorite food, or watch an entire season on Netflix - up to you. The most important thing is you take some down time and not feel guilty for having some fun. It’s about switching from asking “What should I do?” to “What do I feel like doing?” – or just going for whatever comes up, even without asking any questions.

7. (Sunday) Connect with yourself


Do not allow the natural chaos of life to put a wedge between you and your inner self. Always allow for some time to reflect and check-in with what is happening within your inner world.

A lot of people neglect this and suffer a breakdown "suddenly". But it is not really sudden. It is an accumulation of brushed off stress and tension that could have been eased if one is not so busy "getting on with it".

It is a shame, too, because there are so many ways to do something about it.

Evaluate your life regularly. Add it to your weekly routine. Again, it does not have to take a long time. Just spend a few minutes being conscious about what is in your head and what is happening inside your heart and body. Ask important questions like:

“Did I accomplish what I wanted to accomplish during my week?"

"Am I happy with how everything is going on?"

 "Is there anything that I can remove or improve?"

"Do I feel any pain?"

Being more conscious and connected with yourself will give you more clarity, focus, and energy, not just to close the past week on a high note, but to face the new one as a much better person, who will only continue to grow in the most meaningful ways.


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