6 Tips to Handle Holiday Stress


The holidays are about joy and giving but it sure involves plenty of stress to produce and share this much love. Reunions, parties, planning food, shopping, wrapping presents, and all the bills - it takes conscious effort and awareness to ensure we are grounded and still enjoy the best of the season. Below are 6 of our best tips to handle holiday stress and keep your energy and cheer to really enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!



1. Meditate

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Noisy, crazy, and busy, the holidays is the perfect time to practice meditation. It sharpens your focus, clears your head, and lightens your chest with every deep breath. When you have an intention, you are less likely to get run over by negativity. You know what you are doing and why you are doing it. And this clarity will protect you from stress and allow you to appreciate the season with its many ups and downs.


2. Manage Expectations


Keep it simple and take the good over the perfect! The holidays is about having a good time, not a competition over who puts up the best celebration. Sure, some things may not go the way you planned and sometimes you do not feel like Santa's cheery elf, but that is okay!


3. Don’t Overstretch Yourself


Pressure and exhaustion instantly drain your good spirits. Look after yourself and don't do everything at once! Be smart in managing your time, share tasks with others, and have set opportunities for recovery. If you pace yourself right, you will have more energy to enjoy the entire holiday season with your loved ones. The happier you are, the happier everyone around you will be, too.


4. Eat Well & Exercise Daily


There is an abundance of hot chocolate, cookies, and cake but eating too much can sap your energy and have negative effects on your body. In contrast, having a balanced diet, coupled with just 30 minutes of exercise daily, can elevate your mood, stimulate the release of happy hormones, and allow you to cope with stress better. Plus you do not have to worry about holiday weight gain!


5. Practice Gratitude


Be thankful instead of feeling guilty, anxious, or resentful. It is not just the chaos of the holidays that you have to deal with but being with stressful family members and also realizing all the bad things that may have happened over the past year. Know that you can always focus on the positive instead of the negative. Help yourself be happy by cultivating good thoughts and feelings!


6. Enjoy!


Play and have fun! While there are many tasks and responsibilities, the main point of the season is to be grateful and have a good time. Do more things that make you happy and balance your duties with activities that put a smile on your heart. Give, share, forgive, and look forward towards a better you and a better year.


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Micah Fajardo