6 Tips on How to Get Rid of Anxiety Naturally

Everyone needs more calm in life but it does not have to come inside a bottle. Let these six tips guide you on how to get rid of anxiety naturally. Each is backed by science and none of the airy-fairy stuff.

Give these natural remedies for anxiety and depression a try and find freedom from your negative thoughts and feelings today.



1. Eat foods that reduce anxiety.

Heading to the grocery store? Stock up on these staple foods that multiple scientific studies have found to help calm the nerves: dark chocolate, chamomile, yogurt, salmon, and avocado. You have to admit, this list sounds better than anything written on a prescription pad!

Delicious and good for you, these natural frontrunners contain antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that work hard to turn what you eat into happy hormones. Adequate sleep, hydration, elimination of processed foods, and a low-sugar diet further help in stabilizing mood swings.


2. Take deep breaths.


Shallow and fast breathing, clenching of the jaw, and muscle tension are all common symptoms of anxiety. To help yourself stop anxiety attacks, take deliberate slow, even, and deep breaths the moment you notice the symptoms. Turn your full attention into the breath. Let it ground you. The more you focus on it, the sooner you restore the normal breathing pattern. You do not even need to do anything about what is causing your anxiety - your only job is to focus on the breath alone! Here are some simple breathing exercises for anxiety that you can try.


3. Practice relaxation techniques.

Anxiety is a natural response to stress or perceive threats so it is equally natural that relaxation techniques treat it. Listening to calming sounds, yoga and meditation, massages, journaling or creative writing, and drinking herbal tea all prove natural remedies. Practicing these simple activities takes the body off the fight or flight mode and back into a state of calm.


4. Spend more time outdoors.

You might think this is the last thing you want to do given your anxiety but getting some good sun and spending time outdoors may just be the cure! Sunshine is an excellent source of Vitamin D that is associated with decreasing symptoms of depression and other anxiety disorders. Fifteen minutes under the golden and radiant sun is enough!

Still keen to hide indoors? A Japanese study found that taking forest walks for 20 minutes lowers levels of stress hormones. Now if you are stuck in a big and chaotic mega city, well, maybe now is the time for a change in scenery and top up on some calm and serenity.


5. Unplug!


The mind, body, and soul regenerate with a digital detox. Information overload, constant connection, and unhealthy social media habits like comparing yourself to others and basing your self-worth on likes and hearts all contribute to crippling anxiety and chronic stress.

Unplug and see if it changes your disposition. Do you feel freer? Fresher? More present? Do you suddenly have more time and energy? Get into the digital detox movement and you may just find yourself not only easing your anxiety but also rediscovering the joys of being alive.


6. Face the fear.

It is not enough to treat the symptoms. You must find the source if you are to fully learn how to get rid of anxiety naturally. It seems a daunting task but empowering yourself is the way towards freedom! What does it take? An honest, mindful, and holistic approach. It is a big project but you can never lose if you invest in yourself.


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Micah Fajardo