5 Ways to Increase Joy and Lower Stress in 2019

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Busy lives, stressful work, demanding roles and responsibilities - what is one to do to lead a happier, more satisfying, and stress-free life in 2019? Is it even possible?

Yes, it is! With some planning, a handful of healthy habits, and a positive growth mindset, you can sure take charge and make happiness in this new year happen. Here are five of our best ideas to increase your joy and lower stress all throughout 2019:



1. Clear your mind.

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Start by grounding yourself and creating mental space: meditate, get enough sleep, and manage your distractions (hint: digital detox!). With a calmer mind, you can focus, identify, and prioritize your goals for the new year better. Ask yourself what you want to achieve, what potential blockages exist and how to manage them, and what specific actions can you take to make 2019 the best year so far.


2. Have empathy for yourself.


Yes, you may have sacrificed your joy and peace of mind in the past year but now is the not the time to be overly self-critical. Whatever the difficulties or bad outcomes that happened before, accept them as a reality of the past and let them go with grace.

Turn your gaze on solutions and a better future where you can soothe all the stresses. Instead of blaming or shaming yourself, practice gratitude for everything you have learned and accomplished. A positive mindset does wonders!


3. Share!

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Have regular dates with your family, friends, and loved ones. Nourishing loving and meaningful relationships contributes greatly to happiness and well-being. More important, share your stresses and struggles, too. You may be surprised how much your loved ones are willing to listen and support you.

Sure, they are used to seeing you as a strong, independent person, but they certainly do not expect you to be bullet-proof and never have problems. Try lowering your guard. Be more open and show vulnerability - you are allowed to receive love and care, too!


4. Say no.


Plenty of stress comes from over stretching yourself by saying yes all the time. Can you do this extra work? Yes. Can you watch the kids for the weekend? Yes. Can you pay for this? Yes. There is value in being there and helping others but it is harmful when you neglect yourself in the process.

This year, learn to say no more often! It is not a rejection of others but caring more for yourself. You also deserve rest and joy and your needs are just as important as everyone else's. Prioritize self-care, do more wellness activities, take vacations, and do whatever you need to become happier, get more inspired, and heal and recover. You deserve it!


5. Live in the moment.

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The past may hurt and the future is uncertain, but you have the now where you are in full control! In the present moment, you are alive and you have every opportunity to enjoy and to manage stress. Avoid getting stuck in the past or future - they do not exist anywhere but inside your brain. Obsessing over them will not improve your disposition. Use all of your energies to make the now as wonderful as you want it to be. Stop putting off things that will make you happy and do more of it! Do them NOW because every moment spent unhappy is wasted time!


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Micah Fajardo