5 Signs You Are Ready for The Digital Guru Retreat

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Attending a holistic yoga retreat with digital detox overseas is a big deal but a worthwhile investment if you are the right match. Are you ready for it?

The Digital Guru Retreat in Bali on April 20-28, 2019 presents an unmissable opportunity for a special kind of person. Infinitely fun, calming, and grounding, this is the one trip you have to take this year if your heart desires any of the five signs below.



1. You are ready for change.

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Certain life experiences bring you at the crux of change: a break-up, mind-numbing work routine, stress, and either just a general sense of dissatisfaction or an overwhelming desire for a fresh start.

Joining this life-altering retreat is beneficial because it gives you the space to create awareness and find clarity on how to grow and transform yourself. Without this space, it can be challenging to track your new direction as you are bombarded non-stop with distractions. Your opportunity for change may be harder to uncover when you are standing on autopilot in the middle of your usual busy life.

This is your chance to breathe for a second and step away momentarily to figure out what is happening to you, where you are heading, and how to align your life with what truly matters to you.


2. You wish to connect with like-minded people and make more friends.

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Fun, mindful, and health-conscious individuals often self-select into holistic yoga retreats with digital detox. Each person comes with a genuine intention to enjoy and improve themselves, inspire and be inspired, and cultivate meaningful friendships with like-minded individuals. This is an invaluable opportunity for you to create your own international community of positive influences and cultivate life-long friendships and strong business partnerships.


3. You want to be surrounded by beautiful nature.

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Set in incredible Bali, The Digital Guru Retreat presents you with a plethora of experiences that stimulate the senses, stir the soul, and make you feel part of something larger than yourself.

Claustrophobic buildings are replaced by mighty ancient trees. There are endless rice fields instead of parking lots. The noise of traffic is drowned by thundering waterfalls that eventually transform into the hypnotic cascading sound of gentle rivers. Every opportunity exists here to reconnect with nature and more important, to learn from it.

Lonely Planet named Indonesia one of the best countries to visit this 2019. More details here.


4. You feel the need to step out of your comfort zone.

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If you are bored, stuck, uninspired, or depressed, book that ticket now! There is nothing like a new adventure to make you come back to life. Challenge yourself, learn, and grow! This safe and supportive environment is the best place for it.

Can you imagine yourself in Bali right now? Sitting by the pool, golden sun out, surrounded by green everywhere, and having daily exciting experiences that prove the ultimate in relaxing, revealing, invigorating, and healing.  


5. You crave a more meaningful life.

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What am I to do with my life? Is this all there is to it? What is the point of it all?

These are all overwhelming questions that cannot be solved in one day. But taking time out to unplug, meditate, and simply live in the moment sure helps a lot!

The Digital Guru is a holistic retreat that combines science and spirituality to create space for consciousness, connection, community, and happiness. Its healthy mix of self-discovery and mindfulness workshops, cultural exploration, wellness activities, community immersion, and other surprise adventures has a unique way of touching your core and bringing out the answers that you already know deep down. The result is a natural transformation, as honesty, truth, and love rise up every day.

The previous incarnation of the retreat last November 2018 proved its powerful effects go beyond the retreat to produce a lasting positive impact that increases joy and lowers stress – both elemental to a happier, more meaningful life.

Explore, Restore, & Transform

Honor your highest self and listen to the inner whispers of your being. It will not be pretty once it screams. The Digital Guru holistic yoga retreat with digital detox happens in Bali on April 20-28, 2019. Applications are open for a limited time here.

Micah Fajardo