5 Quick Anti-Stress Hacks to Save Your Day


Stress is an everyday fact of life. We cannot deny it or ignore it. But that does not mean we have no choice but to suffer it. Regardless of how chaotic and dreadfully stressful our day is going, it is always in our power to create the calm that we need. Here are our best tips on how to immediately alleviate stress in the middle of a full-on, hectic migraine-inducing day - all quick and simple, applicable any time!



1. A cold drink.


You will be surprised how life changing a glass of really cold water is when you are stressed. Even better, try water infused with citrus and some herbs - it is not just for spas and skin clinics!

Stress tends to be heat inducing, creating this feeling that your brain is getting boiled alive. Reach for a refreshing drink, cool off, and allow your mind to reset and gain a better perspective.


2. 10 deep breaths.


"Clarity is power," says historian Yuval Noah Harari and it is this clarity in vision and stability of heart that stress steals. Under fire, the tiniest things seem overwhelming and we are quick to feel claustrophobic inside the head. How on Earth are we going to make sound decisions then?

It is a must to create some space within the mind, to find a corner of quiet where we can sort the tangle of thoughts and feelings we have. Taking 10 deep breaths is a powerful tool in this regard.

Close your eyes, inhale through the nose, take it all the way to the belly, and exhale completely. Do it as slowly and as deliberately as possible. Put all of your awareness into your breath. Do it for 10 times, or even more, depending on the severity of your stress. When you open your eyes, you will find that your disposition has greatly improved. Try it!


3. Step outside.


When you have been staring at the same screen, inside the same box, breathing the same stale air for six hours, a change of scenery goes a long way. It is an instant reset for the mind and body. Sure, it may not exactly be Boracay Island when you step outside but the new environment will definitely help ease your constant tension.


4. An extra long toilet break.


It sounds too mundane but it works! First, this strategy takes you away from your desk or whatever it is that is stressing you out of your wits. Second, you get privacy in the toilet - scream, make faces, sigh, cry even! Do whatever it is you need to do to let off steam. Third, at the very least, a little bit of walking never hurt anyone!


5. Vent.


Heart attack, stroke, and cancer are only a few off the long list of fatal diseases that you can get from unmanaged stress. The good news is that if we pay attention to ourselves and truly make our well-being a priority, it is not impossible to keep stress at bay.

Sharing our frustrations, pain, and anger with a trusted person is a fantastic start. The more we isolate ourselves, the larger and heavier the stress becomes. But once we are able to vent, we immediately create space, feel less trapped and stuck, and also gain new insight. Sometimes just hearing ourselves talk about our problems make a big difference.

Journaling helps, too. If you find it hard to vent to another person, dump it on paper, works just as fine! The point is, you do not have to carry your stresses alone. It is healthier to let it all out than allow stress to germinate inside your soul and damage your mind and body!

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Micah Fajardo