5 Productive Things To Do When Bored

According to German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer, the two enemies of human happiness are pain and boredom. While healing from pain can be a long and labyrinthine process, curing boredom proves a far simpler endeavor. Like the common cold, each person tends to be afflicted every now and again. But with a little effort, recovery is possible. Here are our five best ideas on productive things to do when bored and back to life.



1. Roam outdoors.

“When we have learned how to listen to trees,” says German artist Herman Hesse, “then the brevity and the quickness and the childlike hastiness of our thoughts achieve an incomparable joy.” Hesse is a famous smart dead guy. Why not give his idea a shot?

But seriously, the open air, vast woodlands, green fields, lush orchards – the list can go on and on but the sentiment is the same: spending time outdoors, among grounded and peaceful nature, does wonders for the spirit. Inspiration is everywhere, from squiggly branches to towering rocky mountains, up to the smallest, most elegant moss draped around the forest.

At the very least, the change of scene will freshen you up, plus a good walk never hurt anyone. Pro tip: bring your dog – there is no way you cannot win.


2. Do something outrageous!

Outrageous, meaning something you would not normally do; something your friends will find hard to believe. Surprises are a sure way to get a kick out of life and it does not have to come from another person – just surprise yourself!

Crazy about classical music? Check out a hip-hop song. Couch potato? Get one gym session in. Pretty basic eater? Why not try Middle Eastern cuisine or some spicy, zesty Thai food for a change? It does not matter what you do, big or small, as long as it is a break from your routine, something out of the ordinary. Challenge yourself – maybe you are bored because everything is now too easy.  


3. Discover a new culture.


When you are bored, travel. When you are not bored, also travel! It is an excellent way to shake things up, to see every day with a new perspective, and immerse yourself in a world far from your own. How can you be bored when you are riding on top of a jeepney, possibly in mortal danger, in the mountainous regions of The Philippines, or running with a gang of monkeys in Bali?

Life takes an undeniable exciting turn when you are faced with different places, a new culture, foreign sights, sounds, colors, and smells, and maybe even a language you completely do not understand. Take yourself out of your comfort zone! Immediately, you discover there is so much more out there.


4. Spend time with people.


Technically, everyone is connected all the time these days, but if you will believe statistics, there is an awful lot of lonely people feeling isolated now more than ever. And not spending enough time with others may also be a contributing factor to your boredom. So why not get out of your cave and spend a bit of time under the sun with people who care about you and your well-being? If you have not seen family and friends for some time, now is a great opportunity. Catching up for coffee, doing a yoga class together, or watching sports for an hour is likely not to kill anyone.


5. Join a retreat.


Going at life non-stop takes its toll. Routines can numb the mind and body and dealing with the same things every single day can put you on auto-pilot unconsciously. It is a dangerous thing! Take time off regularly; have a complete break from the same-old and allow your spirit to expand and recharge.

In this regard, a quality retreat helps a lot. The program is structured to give you plenty of new experiences daily while creating spaces for mindfulness and reflection. Balanced, refreshing, and transformative, not only will you be able to cure boredom in an awesome retreat but you will also walk away with a brighter and super-charged spirit.

Explore, Restore, & Transform

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Micah Fajardo