5 Powerful Benefits of Digital Detox


Unplugging is a rising trend as more people realize the incredible benefits of a digital detox. From a few hours to several days, it is hard to deny its refreshing and revitalizing powers. Apparently, a digital detox is the new energy drink, without the side effects! Below are the five best reasons to start today. Make sure you don’t miss out!



1. A dash of sexiness, anyone?


You will be surprised how little time it takes to lose weight every day. 15 minutes of power yoga is a killer! How many minutes do you spend mindlessly scrolling through your social media feed? You could have been burning all those stubborn calories!

If you want to be sexier and healthier, stop saying you do not have time. There is always time. Allot it better: go on a digital detox for half an hour daily and busy yourself with exercise. Sweat and repeat!


2. On a roll!


Much of the work today depends on technology and a quick break proves to be a mighty refresher. On a digital detox, the mind relaxes, as if taking a big breath, a sigh of relief. But this brief moment of relaxation is all it needs to recover. After the digital detox, everything is fresher. You feel more energetic, connected, and inspired. There is a flowering of new ideas, thanks to space. It is hard for magic to happen when your brain is constantly under a meat grinder.


3. More peace, more calm.


When your phone is near you, your subconscious is anticipating its call, expects it to call, even desperately at times. Result? Stress, anxiety, and at worst, depression.

This is a truly refreshing benefit of a digital detox: unplugged, you are less on edge because you know you are not tracking anything. You can breathe more, away from this environment that often creates mental distress. Even better, you start to become aware of any unhealthy validation-seeking behavior you may have secondary to an unconscious addiction to likes, hearts, views, or comments.

 It is a common experience of people who regularly do digital detoxes - suddenly, they are calmer, more content, and more interested in the present moment. Free from information overload and relentless stimuli, you are able to slow things down, have space to think deeply, and just fill your heart with things that are truly important to you, and not something someone just shoved in front of your face.


4. Freedom!


It is draining to be always available. When you are online, people expect instant answers and constantly demand your attention. Switch off and you instantly reclaim your power. 

To use your time however you please, to say no, and the guarantee you can switch off when you want – this is an incredibly liberating benefit of a digital detox that will encourage you to do it again and again. And no, don’t worry, you are not turning into a hermit but simply transforming into a more mindful person with healthy boundaries.


5. Genuine connections.


Dinner is a different experience when you are sitting across someone staring on their phone and when you are eating staring at each other's eyes. The beauty of nature is more spectacular when you are not staring at it from a screen – there is just no way to replicate the feeling. It is the same with having fun with your friends, telling stories, and laughing together. To have a digital detox is not just to take a break from technology. It is to form memories; to remember how to be human.

Explore, Restore, & Transform

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Micah Fajardo