5 Healthy Food Swaps You Will Never Regret


People make healthy food swaps for two reasons: one is for wellness and the other is because the alternatives are really delicious. In this case, you do not have to wish for better health or a sexier body to crave the food listed below. They are seriously yum and the fact that they are good for you are, frankly, only a bonus. Give them a try and easily eat healthier without feeling like you are missing out on anything!


1. Go gluten-free with banana and oat pancakes.


There is something depressing about giving up pancakes. Don’t do it! But it pays to be smarter about it… so you can eat more!

Instead of the traditional flour pancake mix, create your batter by blending two bananas, half a cup of oats, and an egg. The result is a sweet pancake high in protein and loaded with nutrients that will sure give you the energy you need to face your day. Add fruit and nuts if you want extra flavour! You can also chuck these in a waffle iron to save cooking time.

Note: Be careful in sourcing your oats. Make sure they are not from a facility that processes wheat, barley, or rye, too.



2. Opt for orange juice rather than coffee.


If it is a matter of giving the brain a boost, orange juice gets the job done. Thanks to flavonoids, it improves brain circulation to the brain – great in helping with alertness and concentration. Research published in the European Journal of Nutrition also says people in their study remained alert for about six more hours after drinking orange juice. Also, orange looks immensely more energetic than black!



3. Choose hummus and skip mayonnaise.


Sandwich lovers listen up! Break-up with mayonnaise. In its place, use hummus. It only contains 25 calories, 1.4 g of fat, and 1.2 g of protein per tablespoon. Compare that with mayonnaise that gives you 95 calories and 10 g of fat.

Plus, hummus tastes so much better! It is creamy, more flavorful, and has a to-die for texture. Actually, just eat hummus in general even if you are not doing a healthy food swap. It is just that good!



4. Bake your fries.


You may be hot but if you cannot eat french fries, you are sacrificing too much! No need to wage war on crispy potatoes. Just tweak your method of cooking and you will have made serious headway. Bake them instead of frying and use spices instead of showering them with salt. You still enjoy your most loved munchies without any side effects. Win-win.



5. Indulge with frozen yogurt instead of ice cream.


Sweet, cold, and comforting, frozen yogurt is the easiest healthy food swap in the history of forever. If you make your own, it is also one of the cheapest.

There are only three ingredients to make a small batch of frozen yogurt: five Tbsp yogurt, 2 Tbsp honey, and half a cup of frozen fruit - mangoes are the best! Blend all ingredients and freeze. It will scoop like ice cream, taste as wonderful, and be 10 times a better dessert for your body! This is one healthy food swap that is hard not to like.


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Micah Fajardo