5 Calming Sounds to Relieve Stress and Anxiety


Stressful days are in abundance but you are never powerless against them. Sometimes, all it takes to get your wits back is listening to calming sounds to relieve your stress and anxiety. It is a quick and practical way to restore happiness and well-being in a natural and effortless manner without sacrificing productivity. Check out the soothing sounds below and beat the stress any time of day… or night!


1. Nature Sounds


It is difficult to sustain tightness and grouchy emotions when surrounded by nature. After a long and harrowing day, cool your nerves with the gentle sound of cascading waterfalls, birds chirping, or rain. The outdoors creates a feeling of freedom, expanse, and calm, and while you cannot just teleport to the nearest forest or natural park, filling your room with nature's music is the next best thing to help you relax. You can even increase its effectiveness by cuddling with someone you love as positive physical contact encourages the release of happy hormones!



2. Sound Frequencies


According to research, specific types of sound frequencies can alter the activity of the brain. These sounds naturally soothe the mind and bring it towards a calmer, more meditative state.

One of the most popular tracks neuroscience swears by is Weightless by Marconi Union. In the research conducted by Mindlab International, listening to this song relieves stress and anxiety by a stunning 65%. The carefully arranged frequencies in the song produces calm by helping slow the heart rate, lower blood pressure, and reduce levels of the stress hormone cortisol.



3. Classical Music

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Facing your deadlines and quotas may be an easier task when done with classical music in the background. Yes, you may enjoy your pop tunes or angry rap music on regular days, but nothing beats Mozart on gut-clenching, migraine-inducing, high-pressure stressful days.

So when your mind cannot focus anymore, play Mozart. The Mozart effect is said to arouse the brain and give it that much needed boost for that final sprint to your deadline.



4. Jazz


Music with a slow tempo encourages the brain to sync with its beat - great for occasions when your mind rages uncontrollably. Find relief by listening to jazz music. Pick a title with an average of 60 beats per minute and slowly feel your brain dance to the tune and carry you into a more relaxed and stable state of mind.



5. Guided Meditation


When all else fails, meditate. Yes, you are busy but this is the perfect time to sit down, gather your thoughts, and find stability. It is the best thing you will ever do! Meditation clears your brain, lengthens your attention span, improves your mood, enhances awareness, and reduces stress hormones and any physical symptoms created by stress. Even if you have never tried meditation in the past, you can instantly reap its benefits.

And do not be turned off by all the spiritual airy-fairy - meditation is simply breathing! Try this short guided meditation by philosopher Alan Watts. His voice alone is enough to calm you down and relieve your stress and anxiety.


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