5 Best Ways to Deal With Negative Thoughts

Free yourself from negative thoughts and the tyranny of the mind! Our heads are inherently beautiful, a place of wonder and inspiration. But often we practice personal assault and get deeply embroiled with defeating, harmful, and hurtful thoughts. It is an extremely powerful way of aggression against the self – it must stop!

How we respond to our negative thoughts builds a foundation for our spirit. We have the ability to take charge and we are doing it right now! Here are our five best ideas how to deal with negative thoughts and become happier and more peaceful today.



1. Recognize your negative thoughts.


Don’t make them go away! Accept them without judgment or action but simply as temporary details that are currently occupying our heads. We certainly don’t have any obligation to engage or believe in them!

Really, they are just a normal part of life that also operates with positive thoughts in a kind of osmotic relationship. The most wonderful thoughts and spirits are born out of contemplation of mistrust, terror, loneliness, hatred, insecurity, and every other possible dark thought in the world.

Our capacity to endure and find balance among these thoughts determines our ability to be nourished by the mind rather than be oppressed by it.


2. Don't take them personally.

Having negative thoughts does not make you a bad person in the same way that swimming in the ocean does not make you a fish.  Our thoughts, just like our memories, are not exactly real. These are mere fluctuations of the mind, a collection of our reactions and responses to the plethora of stimuli we experience day in, day out. 

The best way to deal with negative thought is to see it but develop a firm understanding that you are separate from it. It is empowering to acknowledge that these are nothing but thoughts and we absolutely get to decide how to live our lives in the most meaningful way we see fit.


3. Reflect.

This is a common mindfulness cue: “Just let your thoughts be. Let them arise, subside, and leave as they please.” To the uninitiated, this can be misleading! While it is important to not get attached to our thoughts, it is beneficial to investigate a little to create awareness.

Ignoring, pushing, or suppressing won’t help. But some reflection certainly will. Reflect on the origin of negative thoughts, explore underlying reasons, and face them with the intention to breakthrough. This is especially helpful for recurring negative thoughts. The more you understand them, the lesser they will come up. But remember to not force anything!


4. Dwell on the positive.


Yes, there is wisdom in treating our suffering with respect and curiosity but we do not have to go to bed with it. We always have a choice. Inside our brain, there are tracks that lead to thoughts that cause pain and others that go towards joy and peace.  At any time, we get to decide where we go!


5. Give yourself space to experience thoughts.


It is not easy to deal with negative thoughts. It can be utterly scary! But if we explore our dark places with an open and non-judgmental attitude, we can certainly find light. It also helps if we dedicate time for this innerwork.

True reflection can be a challenge if we are in the middle of our usual modern life vortex. This is where the magic of unplugging and going on retreats happen. When there is space, it is easier to de-clutter. When there is support, we feel safe.

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Micah Fajardo