3 Ways to Connect Authentically With People


In a constantly connected world, it is almost shocking how difficult it is to make authentic connections. We hide behind our phones and pretend to be friends on the internet. All it takes is one click and done!

But it takes way more than that if we want to connect in a meaningful and sincere way. Sure, going online is convenient but we must exert conscious effort to go beyond the easy like and occasional post comment.

Socializing genuinely adds so much value to life. We miss out on a lot if we allow ourselves to be stuck on shallow relationships. Find inspiration in the suggestions below and make the choice to connect with others in a deeper, more authentic way.


1. Join a club.


There is a big difference between liking a sports or interest page and actually participating. You may argue or cheer together online, but nothing beats live action! Plus, it is easy to make that instant connection since you already have something in common.

It is all a matter of cultivating the relationship by taking part in a group activity. Meet people, share a hobby, easy. Pick whatever inspires you and let your natural passion guide your way!



2. Solo travel.


Backpacking is an excellent venue for connecting with the self, but it also opens up plenty of chances to connect with others in an incredibly meaningful way. When people travel, they are as they are. Nobody really carries their job, house, car, not even their family. There are no biases, or no pre-judgments based on what you do in your country. It is easier to be honest. As a result, people are more relaxed, open, and authentic connections organically grow.



3. Join a retreat.


As far as authenticity goes, it is hard to go wrong with joining a retreat. People come together for a common purpose, usually involving self-improvement and creating meaningful connections. Much like The Digital Guru holistic yoga retreat with digital detox in Bali, every retreat is an opening and expanding of the heart and mind.

The only requirement is to come with an intention to grow, inspire, and connect. You do not even need to do anything to make a connection – it happens naturally and in the most beautiful and authentic ways.


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Micah Fajardo