Top 3 free Self-Improvement PDFs


Every day is a new opportunity for self-improvement. The size of the learning curve does not  matter – what is important is that you start investing in the self in a way that leads to more growth and development.

An easy way to begin is through free content for self-improvement There are many online and you will find three of the best below. Each offers its own brand of wisdom that will feed your mind, body, and spirit. Take your time to enjoy each one and become a better person than you were yesterday!


1. The Tao Te Ching


Lao Tzu’s Tao Te Ching has provided wisdom to generations of truth seekers. From Alan Watts to Wayne Dyer to the everyday man, everyone has been touched by this ancient Chinese text. Its quotes are certainly popular on Instagram! It has been embraced by many since forever and it is one of the world’s most translated works for a reason. Its teachings are timeless, universal, and all encompassing.

At its heart is self-awareness, sharing that a good life can be achieved by anyone who is able to master the self. It also calls attention to each person’s tendency to obsess with the mind and get lost in thoughts and thus sacrifice the present moment. In its entirety, it touches on a plethora of themes but it always comes back to the self and how a person can be in control of the world if one is able to be more conscious.

You can also listen to it as an audiobook here.




2. The Happiness Exercise


Pangea has its own contribution to the self-improvement world. The Happiness Exercise is a free pdf that can be downloaded below. It contains three exercises that cover happiness in your mind, heart, and life -  well-rounded and with practical applications.

More than a stiff guide that directs and dictates you to the where and how of happiness, this holistic read is geared towards raising your self-awareness, mindfulness, and honesty. Download it and go on an adventure that will take you deep inside yourself, perhaps deeper than you have ever been! It definitely makes for a fun and exciting day. Explore what is real, what is uniquely you, and what barriers you have put up against enjoying your own happiness.



3. The Illustrated Light on Yoga

Yoga 1.jpg

There is a really good chance that your favorite hand standing, kombucha-drinking, and totally vegan yoga teacher has read The Illustrated Light on Yoga by the legendary BKS Iyengar. It is just insanely popular! But this pdf is not exclusive for the yoga loving. There is so much wisdom inside that anyone seeking self-improvement can definitely learn from.

Sure, it explains your Tadasana, Sirsasana, and Savasana among many other postures in glorious detail, but it also captures the soul and essence of mindful living. In particular, anyone interested in bettering the self can benefit from the enlightening discussions on Yamas and Niyamas. These are the first and second limbs or stages of yoga, which explore moral and ethical disciplines that allow a person to live a good and fruitful life. Concepts like non-violence, non-greed, truth, cleanliness, and contentment are presented in a way that it applies on and off the mat.


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