10-Point Test to Tell if You Live on Autopilot

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Have you ever asked yourself if you are living on autopilot? This is the tragedy of modern life. We have become so good at living on a superficial level we can function throughout an entire day without thinking about it, no thanks to our ever predictable schedule and tasks.

Unchecked, we become the walking dead: busy with our chores, constantly in our heads, but completely disconnected. If we do not actively engage with the moment, we miss out on our lives! Pause for a moment and assess your way of living. Below are the 10 danger signs you spend your days on autopilot. How many points do you relate to?



1. Weeks are gone in a snap.

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Time has no meaning because you are in an everyday trance, detached, and simply plodding along, fulfilling your routine tasks with the precision of a machine. Before you know it, it is the New Year again!


2. Boredom.


When was the last time you did something for the first time? If it has been the same tasks, schedule, and people for some time, enthusiasm sure trickles down until all you are left with is mind-numbing boredom. Ever found yourself asking, “Is this all there is to life?”


3. Always saying yes.

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It manifests in several ways: saying yes when you mean no, picking the same lunch every day of the week, or staying in a stale relationship. You might think automatic choices make life easier but they block you from growing, realizing what you truly desire, and rob you of agency.  


4. Robotic reactions.

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You can do things without thinking about it: what you are doing, how you are doing it, why you are doing it. You are just doing it because you have always done it! 


5. Imagination atrophy.

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While you are not impressed with your habitual state of living, you cannot imagine a different future. All you can visualize is the same existence, which is a shame because you can always apply your time, interests, and skills into something that you are truly passionate about.


6. Mindless eating.

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One minute you saw the waiter place a steaming plate of food in front of you and in one blink - poof! - all gone! You even have to pause for a few just to remember what you just had. And when you are on autopilot, you do not just space out while eating. You are never present while performing routine daily tasks as if sleepwalking through your day.


7. Compulsive use of your phone.

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Wake up: check the phone, social media, e-mails. Red light: check the phone, social media, e-mails. Waiting room: check the phone, social media, e-mails. All idle moments are filled connected to your phone while completely disconnected from the world around you.


8. Stuff over experience.

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Did you ever want to spend time with your loved ones or go on a vacation but failed because you have to go to work? Even if family and travel matter to you, they are pushed aside in favor of the job, salary, and the grand quest for material success. Guaranteed recipe for regret later in life.


9. Life is too comfortable.

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Comfort is good, but too much never helped anyone. It leads to an uneventful life. As you settle within your comfort zone, you unconsciously give up on new adventures or dreams you have always had. Meditate: Are you sacrificing your potential for comfort?


10. Procrastination.


Yes, you dream about an amazing life and you know you will make it a reality... at some point. Being on autopilot is not only about going through the day completely checked-out. A lot of fear and anxiety come with the experience, too. It is a tough cycle to break because you lack motivation and energy to change anything, so naturally, nothing changes and you are stuck.

Remember that this is your only one life to live and if there is anything you need to do it is to enjoy it and find meaning! There is so much more out there – just go!


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Micah Fajardo