create a life you love

2 days | may 18-19, 2019 | THE PHILIPPINES


Empowered, Thriving, Free


Are you ready to live a happier, more passionate, and purposeful life? Touch the core of your being and find freedom to live every day in full expression of who you truly are. With crystal-clear clarity, welcome positive change that can only come from full honesty, reflection, and empowerment.



 Through science, spirituality, and mindfulness techniques, this non-prescriptive micro-retreat allows you to create a life you love.

Take time for you now!



Grow and embrace yourself. Step out of the personas you project into the world and find a balance between honoring your true self while fulfilling your life responsibilities.


Yoga & Meditation

Enjoy holistic wellness through yoga, meditation, and healthy nutrition. More than postures, yoga is a moving meditation that encourages presence and living in the moment, united in mind, body, and spirit.



Spend time outdoors and breathe! Reconnect with nature, have fun with activities outside your routine, and feel the generous love and support of a like-minded community.

The Program




Journey into the depths of your being and explore your unique personality. Meet yourself in-depth and unravel your own power and strengths through a scientific approach to personality analysis.



Discover, align, and evaluate your priorities. Move past disconnection, stress, and imbalances to reveal and honor the fundamentals of your own satisfying and thriving life.



Reflect deeply on all areas of your life and design one that you love 100%. With full awareness and clarity, implement your own action plan and make your thriving life happen right now. Let go of whatever holds you back, and be a presence filled with joy and love!

Our Venues

 The Thriving Life Experience is continuously hosted by beautiful spaces that support a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
Each venue contributes to the development of mindfulness, productivity, and a holistic sense of connection with the self, others, nature, and the world around us.

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Connection is created when we share things with the world around us - a moment in time, a knowing glance, a helping hand.  
Reinvent yourself, tell a new story, and discover a new world. 

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It was a fun experience. I was able to gain clarity about where I wanted my life to go in accordance with my values. With the help of Markus, Micah, Jerome and the rest of the participants in program, I made a great discovery of how to move forward in my life – a great program for newbies and those who have already been long in the personal development game!

— Amy, Australia

I came here with nothing but went home with so much to bring. I had too many questions and uncertainties tangled in my head before I came here. I know i have the answers but I don't know the whats,hows, whys or whens of it.

Thank you Thriving Life with this extraordinary experience. For giving me so much clarity in my head. It's definitely an eye-opener!

The facilitators were awesome and would encourage you to process your thoughts and become true with yourself and know yourself better. We had great speakers and participants too! I love hearing their inspiring and brave stories and can't get over it.

I hope that you'll have another session here in The Philippines because I want those people I truly care about to experience this non-prescriptive retreat and know themselves more and have that happiness, freedom, and self-expression.

— Angeline, The Philippines

Thanks a lot for this nice workshop. Small group and very kind facilitators. I was surprised how many other people came during this weekend to share their knowledge.

— Jannik, Germany

The relaxation techniques I learned at the micro-retreat have been very helpful in making my anxiety a lot more manageable. Also, I always make sure I have non-zero days - another thing I picked up from the micro-retreat. Thank you! It's one of the turning points of my year.

— France, The Philippines

I learned a lot about self-love, freedom, and responsibilities which helped me put things into perspective and take actions based on my personality, values, and the life that I want to live.

— Kezia, Indonesia

Thank you Markus and Micah of Pangea! The workshop you facilitated was very enlightening. The activities that you set-up were very helpful and effective in my personal objective of finding what it means for me to have a “thriving life”. I look forward to attending more of the workshops/retreats that you guys come up with! 

— Marian, The Philippines




When, if not now? Only you can create the change you seek in your life.

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“Sow a thought and you reap an action;

sow an action and you reap a habit;

sow a habit and you reap a character;

sow a character and you reap a destiny.”