3 week intensive intuition-to-action incubator

"Integrating the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals into your Business"

May 7 - 26, 2018 / Canggu, Bali


Are you...

  • Seeking your freedom through passion?

  • Looking for ways to impact others and the world around you?

  • Craving for a deeper connection with others?

  • Seeking to develop your new approach to life or business? 

  • Excited about working sustainably?


Join our three week program to co-create your sustainable lifestyle & business all at once.


You, the mindful creator

We attract independent thinkers, business leaders and lifestyle entrepreneurs.

People who are driven by a sense of passion in everything they do, people who strive to be agents of change. People who aspire to achieve their fullest potential, while inspiring others to do the same. People who do what they think is right, not based on the judgement of others, but born from an intrinsic desire to do what they love.

If you are or aspire to be such a person, our Sustainopreneurship program is the right program for you. Whether you would like to modify an existing business or want to create one, we would love to welcome you to this unforgettable experience of personal and professional growth.


Our Core Values


  1. Connections based on trust, rather than fear.
  2. Prosperity achieved through the passionate pursuit of what we love, rather than the mindless accumulation of things.
  3. Freedom lived through belief in ourselves, rather than by seeking power over others.
  4. Happiness grounded in realizing the miracle of the present moment, rather than eternally chasing a vague hope for betterment in the future.
  5. Love experienced by authentically embracing the self in order to radiate the same love to others



Our Aproach 

Sustainopreneurship is a three-week intution-to-action incubator. We speak to people who want to make a change in this world. People who want to set an example. Those who want to be part of the grassroot movement towards businesses that thrive sustainably.

Our mentors are experienced psychologists, educators and entrepreneurs, with strong connections to sustainable businesses. The methods we use are designed to unlock your individual passion and turn it into reality. On the weekends, take advantage of our Social Saturdays, where we will invite successful Sustainopreneurs to share their experience and network with.

During the weeks, first, listen to your innermost Self to find your passion, guided by our psychologist partner Joe from PathBoth. Second, Align with reality and turn your thoughts into a concept that is ready to be put into action. Finally, Act. Rianne, a seasoned veteran in both entrepreneurship and sustainability, will help you put your preparation into practice. After the program, benefit from our three-months action plan to ensure the sustainable growth of your new business and finish what you started. 


Week 1: You and Your passion

The first week is about you and your vision. Fan the flames of your passion using Joe’s tested methods to explore your personality and values. Find and pursue that thing that fills you with energy when you think of it, that issue you always wanted to solve.  For further inspiration, get a former insider’s perspective on the Sustainable Development Goals. Then combine everything you have found by creating your Passion Pitch: A clear formulation of what you want your business to be - your idea that will change the world.


Week 2: Your foundation to thrive

Congratulations! You've found your passion. Now what? How do you know what to do with it? How do you know that anyone wants the change you envision? How do you turn it into an organization? How do you make it all work? How do you answer the millions of questions you now have, and assume you should already know the answers to? There's really only one answer... Week 2 and the Business Model Canvas. You'll learn how to interact with the stakeholders of your passion community and execute a process that lets you test and answer all of your what's next? questions. 


Week 3: time for action

Create your Sustainopreneur Roadmap and get the word out! This week is about drafting your roadmap and taking the first step by going into the world and sharing your Purpose and Passion with people! You'll leave the Sustianopreneur Program with a clear action plan to get you to your first big milestone! Let's get into action!

Your Lifetime Investment

GIFT YOURSELF an un-regrettable experience

A three-week Intensive Intuition-to-Action Incubator designed to create a successful business with social and environmental factors in mind.

Inspire and be inspired by a team of like-minded entrepreneurs, driven by a common desire to create their sustainable independence by doing what they love. Co-create your business by giving and receiving feedback, learning from the experience and ideas of others, while sharing your own to help them do the same. Hold each other accountable to get things done effectively and efficiently. Let action be evident!


  • Full participation in the Sustainopreneurship program (20 Days)
  • A one on one session with the coaches per week
  • Access to the Cocomo Restaurant workspace corner & partners stores
  • Free All-Day Coffee & Tea
  • 15% Discount on all CoCoMo menu items excluding promotions

For every 4 paying participant, we are able to provide 1 scholarship for a local balinese to participate the program.


join our program now and take advantage of our pilot discount!


Cocomo Cafe Canggu

We will spend most of our time at Cocomo Canggu, an island-inspired restaurant serving dishes from Indonesia and beyond. Cocomo Canggu believes in using the power of education to promote equal opportunities for everyone in its community, regardless of their backgrond. Because of this, 10% of the overall restaurant income are dedicated to an education fund that supports the education of underprivilidged Balinese Women.

Canggu itself can be summarized in one word: diversity. Surfers, nomads, travelers, tourists and locals mix and mingle freely to create a crowd with different intentions, passions and ideas - all the while united by a vibrant affirmation of life.

Join us inthe heart of Canggu, within a 5-minute walking distance from the beach, for a unique experience in coworking and business development.




Joe Bruce


Organisational Psychologist who has been studying and practicing Psychology and Coaching for more than a decade. Working as a consultant across the Middle East, Joe was providing leadership development and career advice to Graduates through to CEOs. 


Jerven Carter

Throughout his 30+ year career working in small businesses, large corporations, local and state government, Jerven has always focused on utilizing technology as a tool for solving business problems; whether they were technical, or business related.

Through those experiences he's learned to respect the decisive role of efficient and effective processes in determining organizational success. As a result, Jerven founded JRC Development, LLC, to make these processes available, affordable and operational in small and medium sized businesses as well.


Rianne Klein Geltink

Rianne is a seasoned entrepreneur from the Netherlands with 20 years of experience in marketing and business development. She has led international commercial teams of up to 250 people until she decided to follow her true passion: empower social impact entrepreneurs with the ability to grow their impact businesses.

To contribute to this vision, she launched Flourishter, an online platform connecting social impact entrepreneurs with seasoned business experts willing to donate their time to mentor.



Jerome Gibran de Jesus

Loves people the same way he loves food. Insightful when it comes to global issues all while passionate about making a change.


Markus Schindler

Scientist turned nomad. Loves to move, to think and to feel the present moment. Always lured toward the big picture and inspired by entrepreneurs to follow his passions in the here and now. Enjoys getting lost and he's grateful for those who help him find his way back. Everyone has a story to tell, and he's keen to listen.

“Long-term sustainable change happens if people discover their own power.”

Pierre Omidyar


Program Partners


We are here to help you get more from life and to find ways to shape your future by sharing proven strategies and tools from Psychology and Coaching.

We envisage a world where people are excited for the start of a new week and where people can flourish through the work they do.

Offering life changing guidance and support is the lifeblood of PathBoss. Our services and communities inspire creativity and enthusiasm for those who engage.



An international headquarters, where people from diverse walks of life could unite and be inspired: by ideas, by the atmosphere, and by each other.

A place where revolutionary innovations could be spearheaded and trailblazers could flourish.

A place where dreamers and truth-seekers could recover from the life they no longer believed in, and create something soul-affirming for themselves.



Flourishter connects social impact entrepreneurs with business mentors who are donating their time and expertise.

With 2 monthly calls and email support over the course of three months, Flourishter helps social entrepreneurs gain better clarity about the actions necessary to grow their impact businesses.

Flourishter believes in a world where businesses exist not only to make a profit, but to uplift humanity and our beautiful planet.


Written Ventures

A digital marketing, branding and program curation agency for socially & environmentally conscious companies in South East Asia. 

Spearheading to elevate the companies' impact through meaningful, transformative and story-telling art that resonates with human emotions. An agency that creates value-based content to shape the narrative of the future.

Written Ventures is empowered by the work of institutions that work towards igniting positive change - both locally and globally.