Ubud, Bali

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Retreat Highlights

Startup Wellness Retreat in Bali

Develop a high performing team for a more profitable company. Tap into your limitless potential and accelerate growth, productivity, and dynamic problem-solving. Reach your targets faster and empower each person in your team to become a competitive business leader, an influential communicator, and a well-rounded human being.



Performance Mastery

Learn scalable skills on how to maximize outputs in a most efficient, organized, and non-stressful manner. Through self-actualization, deep work principles, and exercises, place your team in a position to generate better strategies, improve communication, and amplify performance.



Visualization Mastery

Sharpen focus, streamline processes, and minimize delays to achieve your goals faster. By expanding the analytical capacity of your team, information processing accelerates, which enables your company to process and filter relevant data ahead of the competition.


Creative Leadership

Realize your vision. Add value in ways never imagined before. Create something different, better, or altogether new with your team. Solve problems in a creative and dynamic way, unconstrained by pre-conceived ideas and pre-determined formulas, leaving the highway for productivity and revenue wide-open for your company.


Digital Minimalism

Capture the advantages of technology without getting slowed down by its negative effects. Grow your company in a smart, modern, and empowered way by learning how to use technology intuitively, distilling its power, and achieving optimal work-life balance for the people that depend on you.


Visceral Experiences

Moving experiences, not boring seminars - to transform your team into a solid, high-performing unit. With awareness, every member knows their perfect role in the company to contribute in their strongest, most beneficial way.


Peak Performance

Why settle for average when you can unlock peak performance for you and your team? Cultivate a well-spring of productivity, collaboration, awareness, and top resource management. Grow your team, grow your profits well beyond the time you spend in beautiful Bali.


The Building Blocks

Transformative, fun, and relaxing, the Peak Performance program follows a holistic approach to lift your team up to the next level. It is the ultimate mind, body, and spirit recharge. This perfect combination of experiential, intellectual, and interpersonal activities will empower every member of your team to bring their best now and beyond.




Feel good, release stress, and relax the body with yoga, meditation and spa massages.




New perspectives and big ideas from interaction with global entrepreneurs and remote coworking spaces.



Sharpen the mind and remove creative blocks through deep work and group experiences.



Live in the moment and enjoy awe-inspiring cultural and nature adventures.





For group rates, contact us to learn more. Dates available on request.


Retreat Lodging

B. Saya is an intimate and open hearted complex with 7 different villas and 19 rooms - situated in the heart of Ubud, Bali.  Immersive rice paddy views, airy color tones, and authentic Balinese flavor, lay the setting for spiritual awakening and rapid growth. Did we mention some of the most beautiful beach style views and weather to help you recharge :)




Pangea's teachers have been hand-selected from every corner of the globe. Stimulating perspectives from scientists, teachers, company founders, business leaders and philosophers will help you reconnect and rebalance what really matters to you.



Ash Kumra

Ash Kumra is a community builder, global speaker, business meditation coach and national radio show host recognized twice by the White House for contributions in business. He has interviewed over 500 luminaries including including Dr. OZ on subjects including business visualization, peak performance and meditation. His media credits include Forbes, Huffington Post, WSJ, and Entrepreneur magazine. 


Jared Stephens

A friend of people, animals, and robots - Jared is a firm believer in a better future of our earth. He is a young entrepreneur having launched and sold multiple companies before the age of 24. Currently, he spends the majority of his time as founder of Pangea and a marketing consultant for international startups.


I Putu Wiraguna

As Co-founder of Five Pillar Foundation, Wira has developed an integrated assets-based approach to community development and actively involves himself in understanding the needs and challenges of local rural communities. He is currently involved in working with rural communities to create community-based tourism experiences that raise awareness of the importance that rural communities play in protecting nature and culture here in Bali.



Sustainable Tourism

Connection arises from mutual support and respect. Pangea communicates and coordinates closely with every one of our partnering communities. Through it, we not only learn from each other and grow together, we also ensure the survival of two of the most precious resources on earth - our vibrant cultural diversity, and the splendor of the natural world.



Work Local

By supporting the local economy, promoting a vibrant exchange of cultures and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, we do everything we can to ensure that the wonders we get to enjoy remain undisturbed and firmly in the hands of those who protect them.



Eat Local

We place the utmost importance on quality, and the best quality comes from locally grown, organic produce. Our personal connection with all of our venue and event partners, ensures that we maintain a transparent overview of our supply chain. 

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Enjoy Local

Pangea retreats are known for extraordinary experiences. By placing trust in local providers, our events are not only environmentally, culturally and economically conscious - our approach also proves that empowering the local community uniquely enhances every experience we offer.




I truly admire the passion and conviction of the people i’ve met and their views about life and the world. You don’t have to wait for the breaking point to be one with yourself. You don’t need to be at cross roads to give yourself this chance. You don’t have to be drowning in life to give yourself time. Life doesn’t have to be hard, all you have to do is learn to live - and i hope that everyone who comes across this activity will find it in their hearts to live well, because in the end, it is all good. Kudos to you guys!
— Pia Fajardo
I came to bali by following my guts as I felt disconnected and uninspired staying in my hometown. I’m glad I came. Bali has provided me with so many valuable eye opening learning experiences.
— Claudia Rahmania Yusron
I learned a lot about self-love, freedom, and responsibilities which helped me put things into perspective and take actions based on my personality, values, and the life that I want to live.
— Kezia Euodia

Frequently Asked Questions



+ What should I bring?

  • Wristwatch with an alarm feature
  • Comfortable clothes plus swimwear and sportswear for yoga and hiking
  • Walking shoes and hiking shoes
  • Standard toiletries
  • A curious mind
  • Yourself, the way you are effortlessly

+ What not to bring?

  • Laptop and other electronic gadgets
  • Formal clothing
  • Rigid expectations

+ What's included in the retreat?

  • 8 nights of cozy accommodation
  • Full digital detox
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • 3 delicious vegan and gluten-free meals per day
  • 4 life-affirming cultural excursions
  • 3 spiritual experiences
  • 2 growth workshops
  • 1 relaxing spa massage
  • 1 celebratory dinner
  • Free airport pick-up on April 19 and 20

+ What's not included?

  • Flights
  • Medical Insurance
  • Travel Insurance
  • Alcoholic beverages

+ How is the weather?

Summer! Temperature ranges from 22°C (72°F) to 32°C (90°F).

+ Do I need a travel visa?

Bali is visa-free for 30 days for 169 countries. This is the official immigration website of Indonesia.

+ What airport do I fly into?

Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) in Denpasar, Bali. There is free airport pick-up on April 19 and 20.

+ What is the best arrival and departure time?

You can choose to arrive early on April 20 to give the body time to recover from your long flight. If you decide to arrive pre-retreat, we can help in booking your accommodation at Gunung-an. We also recommend staying in Bali a few days after the retreat to do your personal activities like shopping and exploring other places on your own. During the retreat, the focus will be on the program and the goal is to minimize distractions.

+ I have more questions, who can I talk to?

For general inquiries: For program inquiries:



Bulk order pricing available for Groups & teams