Our Partners


These are the people and organizations who make our programs possible. They have our deepest gratitude and friendship.


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Flow Retreats

Established in 2009, Flow Retreatsis a boutique wellness company that focuses on pursuing a conscious, mindful and passionate lifestyle through yoga retreats, fitness and movement, healthy eating, alternative healing and travel. Our retreats are held in inspiring venues such as organic famrs, eco resorts, surf spots, tropical islands and beaches, and include mind, body and soul-nourishing workshops and sessions.

Besides wellness escapes, Flow Retreats has branched out to events in Manila, such as wellness workshops, moon gatherings and a weekend market, Flow In The City, which features natural products, local designs, holistic workshops and wholesome food.


Wellfinity Fitness

Our vision is to refresh the work place and break the monotony by organizing unique events with the best professionals. Our aim is to inspire moments of optimism and happiness by creating value and making a positive difference.


Garage Society

Garage Society is a leading events and learning platform, co-working operator, and investment hub based in Asia. Headquartered in Hong Kong, we've created a number of co-working hubs and co-living destinations throughout Southeast Asia catering specially to digital nomads.

To connect with other members throughout our community, we welcome you to our digital portal Garage Commons, where you can create a profile, expand your network by messaging like-minded entrepreneurs, industry leaders, freelancers, and more, and grow professionally and personally.



Commune takes pride in its coffee but it really is about so much more. It's a community hub, a place where you can make real life connections, where great conversations are started and where ideas are formed. It's also a respite from the daily hustle and bustle of the CBD, a refuge where you can take time to slow down a bit and enjoy comfort food with really good coffee.

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The onion collective

With passion as their unifying mantra, it quickly became clear that The Onion Collective was in full alignment with Pangea’s aims, and values. Empowering you to leave your own, individual mark on this world is one of the defining factors of both Pangea’s and The Onion Collective’s missions. As such, it is no surprise that we were able to develop a strong partnership. All of the Onion Collective’s venues are geared towards empowering both individual creation and co-creation, and so we, too, are empowered to deliver our best possible programs every time.




If there is an archetypical nomadic co-working space that unites the benefits of a traditional work environment with the engaging experience of constantly meeting new people, the opportunity to attend exciting events, and the unparalleled feeling of freedom that comes from having an entirely self-determined schedule, it is Hubud. We are grateful for the partnership with this world-renowned and prestigious co-working space that nonetheless never forgot its roots as a catalyst for individual empowerment. Hubud was incredibly accommodating to our needs as a fledgling start-up, and we couldn’t be happier about how the partnership developed.



An agent of change in the global megacity of Jakarta, Greenhouse is an example of how a metropolitan vibe and a deep connection to nature are not mutually exclusive. Sharing the co-working mantra of individual empowerment, they provide an environment where members can grow their work, while being inspired by the modern architecture, the uniquely thriving design that emphasizes living plants and natural light, and the vibrant community of creators that share Greenhouse’s vision of a green metropolis coined by empowered individuals.



Bruce, with his company PathBoss, has been with us from the start. We designed our programs together, piloted them together, and delivered them together. Pangea’s values could not be more aligned with PathBoss, and it is always an absolute pleasure to work with Joe. Based in Dubai, Joe's passion is to help people find meaningful work. A seasoned organizational psychologist with 10 years of experience, he helps individuals to organizations, recent graduates to CEOs. If you feel stuck, don’t know where to go, or are overwhelmed by the possibilities you have, Joe is the man to talk to.