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About Pangea

Our world, united.

For 160 million years Pangea existed. One single landmass, a supercontinent that stretched across the southern hemisphere surrounded by a superocean. We were connected, we were together, we were one.

Today we overcome the divides in continents, climates, and cultures with the help of technology - from boarding a plane, to picking up a phone, we are constantly reaching out to others and seeking connection. Facebook has the World’s largest population and last year we sent 269 billion emails every day; yet loneliness is a killer and social isolation has become a bigger risk to our health than obesity.

Pangea is for those of us who are curious, those of us who are more creative in how we approach opportunities, and those of us who want more from this life. It's time that we take a moment, time to question, and time to just be.

The cornerstones of Pangea have been designed offline, with a clear head - we have used real conversations to build our learning programme, keeping personal growth and authentic connection front of mind. Our retreats have been carefully curated across continents, combining experience and passion to create a place in which you can take a break from this constant connectivity; a place where you will be challenged to question why; a place where you will be encouraged to choose what stays and what goes.

Pangea attracts connectors from across the globe. Independent thinkers, business leaders, lifestyle entrepreneurs, people who are driven by a sense of adventure and people who see life as the biggest adventure of all. We invite you to join us, we invite you to dig deep and invest in yourself.

Discover Pangea - the world within that unites us all. 



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