Regenerative Tourism

In order to create harmony on earth, we must support and uplift our neighbors. Local communities and economies have fallen by the wayside as economic globalization becomes a dominant force. Pangea is committed to regenerative tourism practices that protect, preserve, and grow local economies and their culture.


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Work Local

By supporting the local economy, promoting a vibrant exchange of cultures and creating an atmosphere of mutual respect, we do everything we can to ensure that the wonders we get to enjoy remain undisturbed and firmly in the hands of those who protect them.


Eat Local

We place the utmost importance on quality, and the best quality comes from locally grown, organic produce. Our personal connection with all of our venue and event partners ensures that we maintain a transparent overview of our supply chain.

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Enjoy Local

Pangea retreats are known for extraordinary experiences. By placing trust in local providers, our events are not only environmentally, culturally, and economically conscious - our approach also proves that empowering the local community uniquely enhances every experience we offer.